On May 18, 1965, the Government of Syria executed Eli Cohen, despite protests from world leaders and Israel.

  • He was never allowed a defense at his trial.

  • He was brutally tortured during interrogation in defiance of international humanitarian law

  • His body was never returned to his family.

An Internet Play

Kamel Amin Knows How To Throw A Party

General Zaher: I have never been to such a party. It's out of this world. The drinks, the music, the girls…Kamel Amin knows how to throw a party.
General Nahlawi: A fine party, indeed, and the man himself is very impressive, but who is this Kamel Amin?
General Zaher: He's a personal friend of mine, and an Argentinian millionaire of Syrian origin. He left all his property in Argentina and came to his homeland. A real patriot.
General Nahlawi: Where is he from? Who is his family?
General Zaher: I heard his parents were killed in an accident and he grew up an orphan. He built a financial empire with his own two hands. No doubt he's an excellent man. They say he's well connected to the top, and with the President you know…
(Enter Eli)
General Zaher: I am overjoyed that you invited me.
Eli: My friend, you are a general in the illustrious Syrian army. Who deserves a good time more than you?
General Zaher: You're absolutely right. Syrian army officers really do work hard. I've been sitting on the border with Israel for months now.
Eli: The border with Israel? What are you doing there? Haven't you a better way to spend your time?
General Zaher: Don't ask. I sit in underground tunnels that were built to protect us from the Israeli air force attacks.
Eli: You don't say.
General Zaher: Did you know that the border line is lined with underground tunnels populated by hundreds of Syrian soldiers?
Eli: Interesting, but why tunnels?
General Zaher: It's an underground fortification line overlooking the Israeli border, but protected from the Israeli Air force.
Eli: Sounds fantastic!
General Zaher: It is, we can see all the Israeli settlements and fortifications, but they can't see us. Remind me, and I'll take you for a tour one day. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.
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