On May 18, 1965, the Government of Syria executed Eli Cohen, despite protests from world leaders and Israel.

  • He was never allowed a defense at his trial.

  • He was brutally tortured during interrogation in defiance of international humanitarian law

  • His body was never returned to his family.

This play appears courtesy of Gadi Tzadaka and Israeli Theater Productions.

All photos are take by Brian Hendler

For the first time ever, the unbelievable yet true story of Eli Cohen, the Mossad master-spy who infiltrated the highest ranks of the Syrian government is brought to you on this virtual stage. This incredible story has ignited the imagination of people all over the world as one of the most intriguing tales of espionage.

Who's Decision Is It?

Eli: Nadia
Nadia: Why didn't you call? I would've got ready.
Eli: It was unexpected. But who cares? You're so beautiful. I have two weeks off, and we can be together, you, me, and the girls.
Nadia: Two weeks? Is that all?
Eli: It's a lot. We'll go for walks, we'll have fun, I'll have time to fix the bathroom. I'll make you breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever you want. In the evening we'll go dancing. You'll see, it's going to be great.
Nadia: Sounds just like a honeymoon!
4am Phone Rings
Mossad Operative: Sorry to disturb you in the middle of the night.
Eli: That's ok
Mossad Operative: There's been a change of plan.
Eli: Go on.
Mossad Operative: You're going back to Damascus.
Eli: When?
Mossad Operative: Tonight. (Nadia enters in nightgown)
Eli: Tonight?
Mossad Operative: The situation on the Syrian border is very tense. The Syrians opened fire, we've suffered casualties. To retaliate we need information urgently.
Eli: I understand.
Mossad Operative: A car will pick you up in an hour. I'll meet you at the airport.
(They both hang up)
Nadia: What happened?
Eli: I'm going.
Nadia: Where?
Eli: Europe.
Nadia: Right now? In the middle of the night?
Eli: Yes.
Nadia: You said you'd be here for two weeks. It's only been three days.
Eli: I'm sorry Nadia. I've got no say in the matter. It's not my decision.
Nadia: Then who does? Whose decision is it?
Eli: I can't discuss it.
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